NEW SPYPOINT LINK-S-DARK 12MP 4G/LTE Cellular Integrated Solar Panel and battery

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The LINK-S-DARK is a trail camera like no other, because so much of what the camera offers is only available from SPYPOINT. Integrated solar panel and lithium battery technology delivers an all-in-one unit with incredible battery life.

Couple that with the fastest trigger speed available in a trail camera, and the Hybrid Illumination Technology (HIT) flash system that lets you customize your flash, and you have an absolute powerhouse of a trail camera taking your scouting to new levels.


Hybrid Illumination Technology Flash System

Customize your flash to meet your needs.

0.07-Second Trigger Speed

Ensures more photos with animals in frame.

Integrated Solar Panel

Extends battery life and time between visits.

4G/LTE Connectivity

Avoid camera visits to pull cards.