Badlands Bino X Binocular Case Approach

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With our entrance in to the OPP (Optics Protection Program) last year, our magnetically closed Bino case was not only the fastest selling product in our company‘s history, it literally set a new standard in how people carry binoculars. The Bino-X Binocular Case is not only the largest bino case we have ever made, it just raised the performance bar through the stratosphere. With its new "Progressive Opening Technology," now you can expose only as much of its inner treasures as the job requires, leaving everything else protected and dry. 



Zip-No™ Technology Vented Shoulder Straps Holds Most Large Sized Binoculars Backpack Friendly Harness Fits Reservoir Size (liters): 1L Total Weight: 1LB Dimensions: 10"X7.5"X4" Volume Main: 220 CI Volume Total: 200 CI