SPYPOINT FORCE-PRO 30mp 4K Video 0.2 Trigger Speed Trail Camera

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The FORCE-PRO from SPYPOINT is an absolute powerhouse of a camera. Capturing images at an incredible 30 megapixels, and taking 4K video, every piece of hunting information this camera delivers is truly impressive, instead of just being adequate.

Features : 

4K Video

See the action unfold just like you were there to see it yourself in incredible 4K with  sound.


54 LED Flash

Learn as much from your nighttime images thanks to the powerful 54 LED flash.

30MP Photo Resolution

Stunning 30 megapixel images mean you can study every detail of that big buck.

0.2-Second Trigger Speed

Exceptional trigger speed means fewer photos of empty frames with game already passed by.

110' Detection Range

Capture images of even distant animals with a massive detection range.