Badlands MRK2 Pack Internal Frame Strata Suspension Quick-Deploy Meat Hauling System

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If you're not prepared, the mountains will chew you up and spit you out. Fight back with the MRK Pack Series. With an Allite® Super Magnesium™ frame, the MRK 2 is a versatile, comfortable way to move mountains of miles and meat.

Features :

  • Carries Rifle or Bow
  • Hydration Compatible (Up to 3L)
  • Allite® Super Magnesium™ Frame
  • Quick-Deploy Meat Hauling System
  • Strata Suspension System™
  • Adjustable Torso Length for a Fine-Tuned Fit
  • Adjustable Waist Belt
  • MOLLE Connect System
  • Bino Connect™ Compatible (requires optional Bino Connect Kit)