Badlands EXO Jacket Approach FX

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RAIN GEAR: Packable, lightweight, protective and comforting. No, we’re not describing your mother-in-law. It’s the Exo Jacket and it was designed to stealthily ride along in your pack without you even knowing it’s there - until you need it most that is. When that time comes, as it always does, unpack it, throw it on, stay dry, go further and hunt longer. It will be like your second skin, only it will never get wrinkly or saggy.


Lightweight Packable Waterproof Outer Shell Improved Face Fabric For Increased Durability And Less Noise Packs Into Its Own Pocket Compressible Sleeves For Bow Hunting Heatwave™ Ceramic Print For Warmth Without Weight 3 Point Adjustable Hood Teflon® DWR Coating Repels Water And Stains And Dries Quicker.

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