Collect Intel Now for Bow Season

Collect Intel Now for Bow Season

Now that you have your tree stand in place for bow season coming up next month you need a quick and effective method for collecting data on the whitetail bucks in your hunting area and more specifically, the mature buck(s) passing by your tree stand. We need to do this with a high level of stealth to go undetected by the wary whitetail deer. The trail game cameras have  become the go to tool for obtaining information on deer movements in the deer woods. But too much of a disturbance in the woods has been created by hunters going in too often, checking cameras, switching out SD cards and batteries. Enter the cellular camera that sends photos to your smart phone almost instantly. The Spypoint Link-S model is the one I have been using for three years now. It is a cellular, solar trail camera that never needs batteries.


 You can set up the frequency of the transmissions per day as well as all the other camera settings via a free app on your phone. The big thing we have achieved here is to cut down on the human scent we leave at our hunting area and the reduction of pressure placed on the deer not to mention the time and gas money saved. These Solar/Cellular tail cameras have a built in rechargeable battery that its solar panel recharges even without direct sunlight making it the ideal camera for the deep woods full canopy set up , right back in the thick stuff where no one goes and the big bucks feel safe.

This camera is on Sale now until the end August, with a savings of $100 off MSRP. Now is the time to pull the trigger on this cellular camera and get it setup in your spot so you can make it happen at Bow Opener time.



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