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SPYPOINT IMPROVES DATA PACKAGES FOR THE BEST CELLULAR CAMERAS IN INDUSTRY FOR 2019 As the industry leader in the cellular hunting camera segment, SPYPOINT continues to enhance its product offering and customer support to be the best in the industry. For consumers, this means the simplest and most affordable data plans in the industry. As of April 1, 2019, SPYPOINT packages will be offered at a lower price, on an annual or monthly basis. SPYPOINT has negotiated the best possible data rates with suppliers so that customers can focus on hunting rather than data. SPYPOINT customers will have four data plan options for their LINK series cell-hunting cameras. The first month of activation, each SPYPOINT camera will benefit from one month of FREE UNLIMITED DATA. After this first month, SPYPOINT will continue to offer the industry's only FREE data plan option. The free data plan is available as long as the camera is in use and can transfer 100 images from the camera to the SPYPOINT app for Android or Apple devices. No activation or maintenance fees. No need to deal with cell phone providers. Just a really free data transfer package. The basic package provides for 250 image transfers per month and is available at $ 4 per month on an annual basis or $ 5 per month on a monthly basis. The standard package provides 1,000 image transfers for $ 7 per month on an annual basis or $ 10 per month with no annual commitment. The Premium Package, which offers unlimited picture transfers each month, is available for $ 10 per month on an annual basis or $ 15 per month without commitment. The plans can be supervised using the SPYPOINT application, which also connects the user to the remote camera to facilitate parameter changes. Plus, the app features our BUCK TRACKER technology that sorts images to make sure the first photos you see are from the moose you've been watching all year. Save time by not manipulating your SD cards to get your images, and save even more time by not manually sorting images of raccoons and deer to get to the moose photos you really need. The new data plan program will come into effect on April 1, 2019.


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